Simple, accurate, and fast… SecureTrack Attachments, the only all digital solution on the island.


SecureTrack Attachments is a feature of our clearinghouse solution that eliminates the need to submit claim attachments on paper by providing a simple, accurate and fast electronic option.

Inmediata’s SecureTrack Attachments ad-on feature is an electronic solution for providers and payers who want to improve revenue cycle efficiency using a digital process to submit chart notes and the results from diagnostic testing.  Our solution electronically delivers the additional information as attachments to payers through an online portal that indexes the documents for both parties.


  • Allows digital attachments to be connected to a specific EDI transaction

    Enables users to associate and review the claim and supporting documents required for payment.

  • Electronically delivers attachments to the payer

    All managed through the clearinghouse application.

  • Eliminate possible denials

    When the payer requests additional documentation to pay the claim.

  • Reduce the administrative burden and costs

    Eliminate all mail and paper associated costs.

  • Save time to focus on your practice

    This by ensuring all payer-specific documentation is provided digitally and on time.

  • Simple to use track management

    Easily track and manage claims and their associated attachments.

  • Increase volume of electronic transactions

    Since there is no need to send a paper claim with a paper attachment, shorten the revenue cycle as claims provided electronically are paid faster than those on paper.

  • Leverage of our network of exclusive payers

    Utilize the same process for all your business.

  • Protect your information

    Sending electronically improves the protection of protected health information (PHI) making is less likely to be lost, misplaced, misdirect, or unanswered.

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