SecureEMR from Inmediata Health Group has several features that make the solution to be much more than another Electronic Medical Record on the market. From scheduling and documenting your patient visits, to assisting in your diagnoses through automated analysis of data and symptoms through the integrated function, DCS or Clinical Decision Support, SecureEMR goes beyond its core capabilities for your practice.

Aside from all this, there is a completely free and accessible 24hr tool that will help you strengthen and maintain the level of interaction with your patients, cultivating a relationship of longevity, accessibility and trust with them. It is worth mentioning that health is a serious issue for everyone and that access to information is critical for both the patient and their health provider. For this reason, SecureEMR has an electronically accessible Patient Portal where the patient can access his results and medical information, appointments and have the ability to message the health provider at any time and from anywhere.

Similar to other digital channels of communication such as email, the SecureEMR Patient Portal is a secure cloud -based software that provides you with direct communication with your patients and avoids the need to compete with other messages and distractions in the inbox of an e-mail account. Apart from serving as an information portal, this tool will allow you to communicate with your patients and share test results or even remind them of their next appointment. The Patient Portal will allow you to transcend your relationship with your patient beyond the walls of your medical clinic. This will help you develop an unprecedented level of transparency, accessibility and trust with your patient. A consistent physician engagement and communications strategy with the patient helps mitigate the levels of dissatisfaction within an organization and increases patient engagement.

To learn more about SecureEMR and the Patient Portal, you can access and request a completely free demo. At Inmediata we’re always at your service.