The Cardiovascular Institute of Carolina

After implementing the SecureAR revenue cycle management solution offered by Inmediata, The Cardiovascular Institute of Carolina increased revenue by 10%. The Cardiology Institute noted that a combination of the personal touch and team approach from experienced professionals providing one-on-one feedback resulted in increased revenue.

Dr. Lysander Borrero

With the implementation of the Inmediata’s SecureValue services, Dr. Borrero’s practice has been able to offer care coordination services to his patients. This has allowed him to comply with quality measures tracked for each patient and has had a positive impact to both the cost and the care provided to each patient.

Northern Infusion

With the implementation of the SecureAR, Northern Infusion has increased their revenue. The thorough billing, coding, and follow up processes put in place significantly reduced rework. Inmediata translates a combination of best in class technology, a thorough understanding of the revenue cycle, and their relationships with the payor to improve collections.