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Our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) improves patient care by streamlining clinical workflow.

Inmediata’s SecureEMR solution is a Web-based Electronic Medical Record built with an integrated billing system to capture patient and provider intake.  This detail is integrated with the schedule for each physician so that administrative workflow related to the visit can be optimized.  Clinical workflow is facilitated with specialty specific templates that include notes about each patient’s care plan.  Each patient encounter provides detail that can be used to bill the insurance company using an intelligent workflow, and the ability to easily exchange key patient data with other care sites. 


  • Order Entry

    SecureEMR includes computerized physician order entry (aka CPOE), which allows providers to enter, store, and transmit orders. The orders include diagnostic testing, prescriptions, and lab work. The system checks for errors and transmits orders electronically which eliminates a manual process.

  • Clinical Interoperability

    SecureEMR enables the transfer and receipt Health Level 7 (“HL7”) CDA v1& v2 and ADT A01 to A60, ORM - ORU, and lab results data to and from third parties using industry best practices for exchanging data.  Direct messaging between SecureEMR users can also be leveraged to send CCDA files.

  • Scheduling

    SecureEMR calendar based patient appointment scheduling, enables you to streamline your clinic’s workflow, establish multi-booking rules, and integrated Eligibility checking.

  • Patient Portal

    The patient portal in SecureEMR is provided as a no cost solution for patients.  The solution offers patients 24-hour access to their personal medical information, results, services and messages from their medical care team. Provides patient controlled direct messaging to-and-from multiple healthcare providers.

  • Charting / Patient Records

    SecureEMR allows physicians to digitally create and store copies of the patients’ chart including all clinical documentation and testing.  The optimal workflow involves the physician documenting in the chart near or at the time of the treatment of the patient.  Being able to complete documentation at the time of treatment reduces stress, saves time, and improves accuracy of the chart.

  • Decision Support

    SecureEMR electronically checks for drug, allergy and food interactions. It also posts alerts and can search for alternative treatments based on known interactions. In addition, it automatically reminds medical service providers to perform certain clinical quality measures related each patient.  This includes standard measures as well as those specific to certain comorbidities and prescription medications which are designed to improve the standard of care for each patient.

  • Electronic Prescription

    The system also includes an eRX where prescriptions can be provided directly to a pharmacy and a two-year view prescription history can be seen by the provider.  Where appropriate prescriptions can be faxed directly from the application to pharmacies.

ONC Health IT Disclosures Information

“This Health IT Module is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.”

Inmediata Health Group, LLC, Dec 28, 2022, SecureEMR Version 5, ONC-ACB Certification ID:,

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