Blog – The COVID-19 Impact on the Revenue Cycle for Health Providers

Here’s what your industry peers are experiencing. Inmediata recently conducted a survey to primary care practices and independent billers in Puerto Rico to understand the impact the pandemic has had on their business. The information has given us the opportunity to understand the impact and struggle of our customers.  The COVID-19 pandemic’s disruption of the […]

Blog – Telehealth May Be the Best Way to Increase Patient Access & Improve Reimbursement

Our last Telemedicine dashboard update included detail showing that overall encounters decreased while telehealth visits climbed to unprecedented levels for telehealth.  The report came out on 08/18/2020.  Our dashboard of over 9,000 providers now shows a steady increase in patient visits, but volumes are still 25% below pre-pandemic numbers.  We’ll need to continue to monitor […]

Blog – Should you reopen your medical practice to in-person visits?

Here’s what your industry peers are doing. Inmediata recently conducted a survey of 437 primary care practices in Puerto Rico to understand the change in behavior of providers opening their medical practice to in-office patient visits.  In the response from the survey over 64% of the respondents were physicians.  On, April 19, 2020 CMS and […]

Blog – Guidance to Reopen Your Medical Practice

As the United States and Puerto Rico begins a phased reopening and non-essential procedures resume, it’s crucial that your medical practice knows the steps needed to reopen with guidance of experts.

Blog – COVID19 Billing Code

U.S. public health officials are preparing for a possible outbreak of pneumonia-like respiratory disease caused by novel Coronavirus 2019, which originated in China in December and infected more than 80,000 people…