Telemedicine Dashboard

Inmediata Health Group Corp. LLC provides SaaS software and solutions to medical providers, hospitals, health plans, and patients in Puerto Rico and the United States.  One of the company’s core services is to transmit medical provider claims, in electronic format, to health plans.  These claims include demographic information about the patient and medical services information such as procedures performed and the diagnoses of the patient.  Inmediata processes approximately 85% of all medical claims in Puerto Rico and because of this is able to provide useful insights about the delivery of health care on the island.

The incidence of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 has been widely reported.  The disease will have a lasting impact on healthcare in Puerto Rico and the rest of the world. To facilitate understanding and learning, Inmediata has chosen to share information with the public related to the remote access of healthcare, otherwise known as telemedicine. To understand this better, there are five key dates and actions by regulators, described below, that were intended to promote telemedicine.  Beginning in March 2020, these dates either triggered or supported the transition to providing telemedicine.

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